Mandatory Troop Officer Training, Monday, 18 February

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Hello New Troop Officers!

Congratulations on your new position!  If you are a new Troop Officer, you are required to take Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) as part of your position requirements.  All TOs are required to attend even if you have taken the training before.  Also, if you have never taken this training before and are planning to go to NYLT, this is required.  Here are the training details:

Date: Monday, 18 February 2019 (President’s Day)

Time: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: Rochester Community House, Crittenton Room (down the hall from where we usually meet)

Uniform: Full Class A, bring a 1 liter water bottle / Nalgene

Pizza will be served.

Below is the current Troop Officer roster. We still have some open TO positions so if you are looking to support the troop or need to fulfill a leadership rank requirement, email, call or text me.

  • SPL: Peter Szachta
  • ASPL: Luke Fenchak
  • ASPL: Kaleb Price
  • Quartermaster: John Grundhofer
  • Quartermaster: John Price
  • Scribe: Zakaria Benchbana
  • Scribe: Drew Collins
  • Troop Guide: Nick Grundhofer
  • Troop Guide: Andrew Romanski
  • Troop Guide: Kyan Wilkins
  • Bugler: Kyle Banerji
  • Chaplain Aide: Open
  • Historian: Open
  • Librarian: Akshay Valoor
  • OA Rep: Arya Sunil
  • Outdoor Ethics Guide: Ethan King
  • Webmaster: Peter Santia
  • Instructor – Cooking: Ryan Patyi
  • Instructor – First Aid: Open
  • Instructor – Fire & Knives: Open
  • Instructor – Knots & Lashings: Open
  • Instructor – Map & Compass: Open
  • Den Chief: Open
  • Black Holes PL: Open / APL: Open
  • Tomahawks PL: Caden Heaphy / APL: Open
  • Knight Wings PL: Daniel Kamp / APL: Luke Dameron
  • Raptors PL: Josh Arango / APL: Nick Grundhofer
  • Eagles PL: Alex Reszewski / APL: Antonio Randazzo
  • Ninjas PL: Robert Romanski / APL: Ryan Damian
  • Falcons PL: Breandan Roscoe / APL: Trystan Rodda

I look forward to seeing all of you next Monday.

Mr. G