Troop Officer Credit

In order to receive full credit for their position of leadership, the Scout must follow all of the guidelines listed on the information about their position. Anything less will receive a prorated credit value and be entered as such. Proration will occur by whole months based on percentage of attendance and/or deliverables achieved rounded to […]

Troop Officer Elections & Eligibility

Troop Officer Elections Troop Officer (TO) elections are held twice each year in January and July. The July election is usually held at Summer Camp. TO positions are 6-month terms starting February 1 and August 1. There are three elected TO positions, Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), Quartermaster, and Scribe. All other TO positions are self-nominated […]

Community Service

Troop 125 seeks opportunities for Scouts to help our community and meet rank advancement service hour requirements. In addition to the activities and needs of our Troop, there is no shortage of need for assistance around the community.Requests are regularly made of the troop from organizations in our community. A few recent examples where the […]

Earning Merit Badges

Merit Badge work is primarily for Scouts that have achieved the rank of First Class Scout. In addition, there are a number of awards that may be earned that do not directly count toward rank advancement requirements. Scouts may find that while working on advancement and sometimes by participating in particular outings and/or service projects, […]

Rank Advancement

Advancement is an important part of Scouting. It is a measure of a Scout’s growth and progress. Each Scout keeps his own personal advancement record and a record of his service, campouts, troop activities and leadership positions in his copy of the Boy Scout Handbook. The troop also keeps advancement records. Scouts can work on […]

Reward Trip Eligibility

Each year the Troop holds one or two Reward Trips to encourage Scouts to remain active and advance.  For a Scout to be eligible to attend a Reward Trip he must be “active” and have received at least one merit badge or rank promotion in the past 6 months.  NOTE: This does not apply to […]

Active Participation

An “Active” Scout is defined as a Scout who in the preceding 6 months has attended at least three (3) Troop Meetings, one (1) Court of Honor, has three (3) nights camping on at least two separate campouts, and has accumulated three (3) community service hours with the Troop or pre-approved by the Scoutmaster. (The […]