Troop Officer Elections & Eligibility

Troop Officer Elections

Troop Officer (TO) elections are held twice each year in January and July. The July election is usually held at Summer Camp. TO positions are 6-month terms starting February 1 and August 1. There are three elected TO positions, Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), Quartermaster, and Scribe. All other TO positions are self-nominated and it is at the discretion of the Scoutmaster working with the SPL and the Patrol Leaders’ Council to appoint a Scout to the position.
In addition, at the same time as the Troop elections, each Patrol holds an internal election to elect a Patrol Leader for that term. It is highly recommended that every Scout in a Patrol serve a term as Patrol Leader.

Eligibility for Troop Officer Positions

To be eligible to run for Senior Patrol Leader, a Scout must be Star Rank and have completed NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) or have been Patrol Leader twice. To be eligible to run for Scribe or Quartermaster, a Scout must be First Class and be active within the troop. Certain appointed positions such as Troop Guide and Instructor require First Class but most other appointed positions are open to any active Scouts. For more information talk to Mr. Grundhofer (SM). (Note the Scoutmaster reserves the right to review the eligibility and modify due to extenuating circumstances)

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