Joining Troop 125

There are four steps to take to join our troop as a scout!

  1. Scouts BSA Application (including BSA dues)
  2. Complete the BSA Healthform (Part A and B must be submitted before any troop activity and Part C is required for a 72+ hour duration camp, Summer Camp)
  3. Complete the Troop Data Form
  4. Pay your troop dues in our Troop Store

Here is our Parent Information Form

If you are an interested adult, we have a process for you as well!  Please go to this page for further information.

Scout Meeting Schedule & Communications

Once you have completed the paperwork, the next step is to learn how we communicate!

Registering  & Subscribing (note the Subscribing block on the right or bottom of the page) on the Troop Website to begin to receive announcements and weekly communications.  Additionally, we have a Troop GroupMe, that we use for shorter, burst communication and sharing to everyone. (You will be invited to this once you register to the site.)

The schedule of activities is expected to be known from your own calendar review (I strongly suggest embedding the calendar into your personal calendar*).  There are announcements when permission slips are posted but the meetings and campouts are all scheduled and on the calendar.  Brief verbiage clarification, Troop Meetings and Campouts are for all scouts in our unit, Patrol Meetings are for all of the respective age specific smaller groups.

Troop Calendar: Troop 125 Google Calendar

Quick Key: Troop Meetings are everyone… Committee Meetings are all committee members (any Adult is welcome!) – PLC is Patrol Leaders Council, all Troop Officers must attend – Philmont Training is for the High-Adventure Crews.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions on the calendar.  We set the Troop calendar a year in advance, fyi.

Scouting Gear

For Troop Meetings, only Class A is necessary (Boy Scout Tan shirt, Boy Scout pants, belt, olive or gray socks.)

Uniform Parts – I would suggest you purchase a Tan BSA shirt, with the BSA Crest (blue circular patch above the left pocket) and American Flag on it – most shirts just come with them on. (See image below  for the Flag and the respective “Above the Left Pocket” patch). You will also need to get him some scout pants.  One pair of convertibles in the microfiber material would be a good choice.  You can purchase other pants later, as he determines what he likes.  As I mentioned last night, any olive or gray socks will do for now and a normal belt will be fine.  There may be belts in the troop closet to grab.


1155 East Long Lake Road

Troy, MI 48085

Scout Shop: (248) 526-0169

The list below is equipment recommended for a campout.  The troop closet will be brought to a Troop Meeting and if you have challenges getting equipment in a timely manner a lot of us have extra gear you may borrow.

For Weekend Camping & Summer Camp: (make sure you label everything with your son’s name!)

  • Sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees – Suggest a Mummy Bag, synthetic filling for a scouts first bag, example is Alloy +20
  • Sleeping pad – Foam mat is a good start, example is Foam Mat, the foldable ones are nice but the roll is fine
  • Raincoat – Frogg Toggs are a good option
  • Hiking boots
  • Mess kit, fork, knife and spoon – Plastic mess kit from any sporting store, <$20
  • Flashlight – Suggest a headlamp, example Petzel Tikkina or similar from a sporting goods store
  • Backpack – Suggest starting with an internal frame, 55-65L, example is Terra 65L or Red Tail 65L

Please let me know if I can help you with any questions!

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