Troop Officer (TO) Credit

 In order to receive full credit for their position of leadership, the Scout must follow all of the guidelines listed on the information about their position given at ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops). Specific requirements are listed for each individual position but all positions require that the scout must: Set a good example, wear the scout uniform correctly, live by the scout oath and law, and show and develop scout spirit. 


Eligibility for TO Positions

 To be eligible to run for Scribe and Quartermaster, one must be First Class and be active within the troop. In order to run for SPL, one must be Star Rank and have completed NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) or have been patrol leader twice. Certain appointed positions such as Troop Guide, Instructor, and a few others require First Class but most other appointed positions are open to any active scouts. For more information talk to Mr. G (SM). (The Scoutmaster reserves the right to review the eligibility and modify due to extenuating circumstances)