Merit Badge work is primarily for Scouts that have achieved the rank of First Class Scout. There are a number of awards that may be earned which do not directly count toward rank advancement requirements. You will find that while working on advancement and sometimes by participating in particular outings and/or service projects you may have met the requirements for an award.

Getting Started and Locating A Counselor

Be sure to meet with your Scoutmaster or one of the Assistant Scoutmasters when you want to start work on a merit badge. He will advise you on particular merit badges and can keep you up to date on the changes to badge requirements and rank advancement requirements.

You need to get a merit badge "blue card" which must be signed before you begin work. Also, the SM/ASM can help you locate a registered counselor for that particular badge. Note that there are counselors outside the troop. Scouts are encouraged to get some of their badges from outside the troop.

Locating A Counselor

You must meet with your Counselor before you begin work. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared by reading through the requirement pamphlet before your visit. A Merit Badge Counselor Book lists local counselors for the Ojibwa District. Your Scoutmaster and most of the Assistant Scoutmasters have a copy. Some of these counselors are leaders and adults from our Troop and many are associated with neighboring units.

Merit Badge "Blue Cards"

See your Scoutmaster or your counselor to get a signed blue card for each merit badge you want to start work on. You should help by filling in as much of the card as you can, after speaking with your counselor. Once all requirements are completed and you have gotten the signatures, turn in the completed form to the troop’s advancement person.