Personal Fitness Merit Badge - DATE CHANGED

Good Afternoon,

I'll be conducting a class on the Personal Fitness Merit Badge Sunday, Feb 10 at 6-8 PM at the Community House.  Bring your Merit Badge Workbook.  I'll provide a list of material to bring soon.  If you finished the 12 weeks fitness plan this fall or are looking to complete it this spring, please feel free to attend.  

Prerequisites include have a BSA Medical form complete, completion of Tenderfoot 6a-c, Second Class 7a-b, and First Class 8a-b.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask


Mr Arango

Ben Gugel Eagle Scout #151

Congratulations to Ben Gugel, Troop 125's newest Eagle Scout! Ben designed, constructed and installed a wooden information sign at Eugene S Nowicki Park in Rochester Hills.  The sign includes park rules, a map of the park including all trails and information about the park's namesake, Eugene S Nowicki.  The project required 265 hours and $455 to complete.  You can learn more about Ben's work on this project at his Eagle Court of Honor this spring.

This Week in Troop 125

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying your Super Bowl Sunday.


This Tuesday, it’s very important that we have at least half of our scouts present for the OA elections, or we will have to reschedule it for another meeting. It is also important that new and old Troop Officers attend, as we will be having our inductions for the new officers. Also, anybody attending summer camp, the first deposit is due (see Mr. Szachta’s blog). We will also be having a Search and Rescue presentation at the meeting. 


Peter Szachta, SPL

Clean out your old Gadgets and Technology for March 5 Troop meeting

To anyone in the troop who has junk technology collecting in their house.


At the March 5 troop meeting we have planed to teardown and take apart household items and appliances. we are seeking objects that you are looking to throw away. In the pursuit of discovery and learning these objects will be taken apart and broken to discover what is inside! 

a list of the kind of objects we are looking for:

Vacuum Cleaner


Coffee Maker


DVD player



Sample Meeting Outline

To all current and future members of the PLC, as well as an scout in charge of an event or meeting.

At the January PLC we discussed how to plan a meeting. Attached is a copy of the sample meeting plan we looked at with some commentary to aid in the planning process. As discussed at the last PLC we will be requiring the scouts in charge of a particular event to present their plans at the PLC prior to the event they are leading. It is expected that each scout works with the adult in charge to build the plan and bring it to the PLC. Remember, Troop 125 is a Scout Lead Troop. 

This Week in Troop 125

Howdy Troop 125,

I hope your exams went well last week and you had a restful weekend.

On Tuesday we have a troop meeting starting at 1930 hours (7:30 pm) sharp we will be having TO elections and dogsled racing.

On Wednesday there will be a service project at 1730 hours (5:30 pm) at St. Pauls Soup Kitchen.

Finally, there will be a campout this weekend at D-A, please refer to Mr. Price's latest blog.

I look forward to seeing you all Tuesday!

Dylan Blackmer, SPL.