2019 Apple Pie Fundraiser Wrap Up

Wow, we made 1700 Pies can you believe it….IT WAS AN AMAZING EFFORT FROM ALL!

The weather was amazing, the volunteers were amazing, and we could not have done it without all of you!  I am still amazed that we were able to make all those pies.  I am grateful for the collaboration with Troop 456 which allowed us to have the additional scout power.  THANK YOU! CONGRATULATIONS you guys always rise to the challenge and make it happen.  We were completely sold out on Sunday by 3 pm.

This week in troop 125 9/15/19

Good Afternoon Everyone,


           This week we have a troop meeting on Tuesday the 17th.

            Where: Rochester Community House

            When: 7:30- 9:00pm arriving early is on time, arriving at 7:30pm is late

             During the meeting we will be TO inductions and Capture the Flag.

             This means show up in class A but have class B under it ready to go for capture the flags.

             if you have any questions please email me

             Luke Fenchak SPL



When 6:30pm Tuesday, 17 Sept 19

Where: Community House, Rochester

Why: Agenda

Who: All Scouts and Adult Leaders going to Philmont

-To cover full calendar of events leading up to Philmont

-Announce Crews and Adult Leaders to each Crew

-Provide expectation of Middle Adventure and Training Events

Uniform: Class A

Pizza Dinner will be provided.



When 7am, 5 Oct 19

Personal Fitness Merit Badge starting

We will be starting the personal fitness merit badge tonight. Open to all scouts that completed fitness requirements.  This is also an opportunity for scouts to complete tenderfoot 6a or 6c.  We’ll do 1 min push ups and sit ups and 1 mile run/walk   We’ll do this every other Sunday for 12 weeks  

Where. Adams HS Track

Time 7pm

date today, Sunday Sept 8. 

Uniform: none.  Weather appropriate 

Any questions, please call/text me at (248) 462-3796 

Personal Fitness Merit Badge Counselor

Mr Arango

The Apple Pie Madness is about to START...1 DAY!

Apple Pie Week is half way done: SPICE NIGHT (check), DOUGH DAY (check), It's time to make some pies!

If your looking for shifts we have Pie Sales Slots available for Friday Night still OPEN so please fill those spots.

It's go time, let's do this!

My Motto for this week is will be fine!

Michele Eschtruth
Apple Pie Coordinator



Middle Adventure - Shingle Mills - PHILMONT TRAINING

Hope Everyone is having start of the school year.

We are kicking off the Philmont Training this year with a Middle Adventure trip toe Shingle Mills trail in Northern Michigan.  What is Middle Adventure?  This is an opportunity for scouts to improve their backpacking and backwoods camping skills as well as increase scout and crew skills vital for success at Philmont and other High Adventure trips.  These trips will be one or two night trips and the scout will carry all of their gear and some of their crew gear.

Details- Shingle Mills Trail