STEM tear down meeting

Tonight we will have the STEM Teardown and discovery meeting. The goal is to open up and learn about different items we use every day.

Please bring safety glasses and protective gear such as gloves.

Some suggestions of tools to bring to do the tear down.

Philips Screw driver

Standard Screw driver

Needle nose pliers


Small computer drivers


Please do not bring pounding tools like hammers. Also leave the power tools at home.

See everyone tonight!

ASM Sims

Summer Camp Merit Badge Selections Due Tonight!

Reminder that Summer Camp Merit Badge selections need to be turned in at the Troop meeting tonight!  Instructions were sent out last week, duplicated below. All referenced documents can be found in the "Summer Camp Related" section on the Troop website.

Mr. G


Attention all Summer Camp Scouts and Parents!  Merit Badge registration is almost here!  The process to pick your Merit Badges was briefed at the Troop meeting last week and necessary materials handed out.  Here is a summary:

Summer Camp Payment #2 Due Tuesday

Just a friendly reminder that Summer Camp payment #2 for $155 per Scout is due no later than TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 3.

Scouts that have not had the second payment made will NOT be registered for any merit badges until payment is made. This is a camp policy, so please be timely in your payment so your Scout gets in to the badges he wants to take.

Payments can be made using credit card using the online troop store here:

This Week in Troop 125 3/1/20

Good Morning Troop 125,

This Monday, March 2nd and Thursday, March 5th, all Philmont scouts have training at 7:00pm at Clinton River Trailhead, Letica Road. Please bring your packs with 30lbs of weight.

This Tuesday, March 3rd is the STEM Teardown! Bring any items you would like to be ripped apart (with your parent's approval of course). Also this Tuesday, scouts need to have their summer camp schedule complete to be reviewed at the troop meeting.


Andrew Romanski


High Adventure Updates

Good Morning Philmont Crewmen,

We are canceling the March 7th hike due to too many conflicts with adult leaders.  We won't be rescheduling that hike.  I'm really happy with crews are doing so far.  They're moving swiftly while staying as a crew which is a hard.  Now is the time to get your equipment you're missing.  If your toes are hurting, you might need better boots.  If you don't have your pack yet, now is the time to get that.

Remember to get your payment into Mrs. Brown if you have not already.

See everyone at the trailhead tonight.  Keep up the great work.