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Sad news from Philmont.  Below is the letter from Philmont Scout Ranch.  The adult leaders are working out details for refunds, training events, Jordon Valley Middle Adventure, etc.   I've been incredibly proud of the skills and leadership that your sons have exhibited through this training, and I hope we can find an adventure this summer.  We'll have a meeting early next week to discuss more


Dear 2020 Philmont Participants,

Philmont Updates

Good Morning High Adventurers,

We are moving forward with Philmont here are the latest updates on coming events.  All events are on the troop calendar.  All of these events will be done separate as crews to adhere to the groups <10 from the state.

Crew Meetings

Philmont Parent Meeting

Good Evening High Adventure Families,

We are have having a mandatory parent and crew meeting tomorrow night at 8pm.  We are discussing transportation plans, known changes and path forward.  We want to make sure everyone is aboard of the plan before we purchase plane tickets and bus transportation.

Below is the skype meeting and also a call-in if the skype isn't working for you.

Call in Number - 855-266-3327 

High Adventure Updates (Parents included)

We are having a meeting for parents and scouts regarding Philmont and our path forward.  We want to discuss the current status of Philmont and our treks.  We just received an update from Philmont Scout Ranch and I wanted to try to answer any questions that you might have.  We're still planning and adjusting plans as time is passing. Please parents join in out the call too.

There is a call in number and also a Skype meeting.


Conference ID: 455450 

Philmont Updates

I received this message from Philmont Scout Ranch today and wanted to share this with everyone.  Short answer is there are no changes to the current plan.  Thanks for you patience and keep training.

Update 4/15/20 – 8:30 AM  

Status of summer 2020 operations