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2019 Troop 125 Heritage Tour

Hello Scouts, ASM's, Committee Members and Parents,

On Saturday May 11, 2019 we will be taking a trip to one of the area's local Cultural Centers for a fun filled morning and informative visit. 

All are welcome to attend including parents, grandparents and siblings.  There are no minimum age requirements nor limitations on number of individuals who may attend.

This is a FREE tour. 

We’ve been invited to visit and participate with a local Hebrew Temple,  Temple Beth El in Bloomfield Hills.

Ethnic Cultural Tour II: Updated Venue: Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hello Scouts, ASM's, Committee Members and Parents,

There is a change in the program for this Saturday as we will NOT be visiting the Sikh Temple.

The Temple contacted me yesterday, to inform me that due to scheduling issues they will be unable to host us.

Thus our tour will begin by visiting St. Marks Coptic Orthodox Church at 11:30am.

Go directly to St. Marks as we will not meet up at the traditional Squirrel location.

Leader Position Specific Training Extravaganza

Hello Troop Leaders and Parents,

Yesterday at the BSA Roundtable it was noted that there will be a Leader Position Specific Training Extravaganza held THIS SATURDAY, April 14th at St. Isidore Catholic Church, 18201 23 Mile Road, Macomb, Mi 48042.

I know this is short notice, but the word only just got out.

The Cost is $10 for the entire day.  

Please examine the attached flyer for the details as to what is being offered. 

Ethnic Cultural Tour II - Reminder

Hello Scouts, ASM's, Committee Members and Parents,

As a reminder the Ethnic Cultural Tour II will be held NEXT Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Please sign up using the provided signup genius link below.


Below is a summary of the event and where it will be held.

Don't miss this opportunity to visit some of the iconic cultural and religious centers in the Detroit area.

Ethnic Cultural Tour II

Hello Scouts, ASM's, Committee Members and Parents,

On Saturday April 21, 2018 we will be taking a trip to some of the area's local Cultural Centers for a fun filled afternoon and informative visit. 

This tour was hosted last year for the first time by Troop 125 to help fulfill an ASM's Woodbadge diversity requirement.  However due to the outstanding success and numerous requests for a follow-up tour, Troop 125 is again offering this cultural tour.  

SASH 'N BASH 2: Post Op and Thank You's

To all Scout participates and adult leaders,

To begin, I'm hoping each Scout had an enjoyable time at this weekend's Camporee. 

Hopefully you've learned a few new skills (i.e. soldering) and pushed your limits a bit by walking across the monkey bridge.

It also appears some of you are either becoming or are expert Gaga Ball players as I saw several of you in the ring playing very competitively.

Summer Camp is right around the corner and this campout should have helped you understand what part of your gear worked well and what didn't.


Hello Scouts,

If you are attending SASH N BASH 2 this weekend, be sure to bring at least $5.00 to cover the cost of a a WILD neckerchief slide that you can make during a STEM event while at SASH N' BASH 2.  I saw two different versions of it last week, the slides have LED's built into them.  They are very nice.   You will learn how to solder so it will be a great learning experience.  Maybe since we wear Bolo's, possibly the slides could be modified for that purpose.   The goal is to have everyone wearing one on Saturday night.

SASH 'N BASH 2: ALL Scouts Attending Please Read

Hello Scouts!!

Just a quick review of what you will need for the SASH N BASH 2 if this is your first time to one of these camperees.

1. Permission Slips: I need these for each one of you.   So please turn them in to me at this Tuesdays Troop meeting!

2. Be sure to pack a complete extra set of clothes including underwear, socks and shoes to be used during the Foam Party.  

Closed toed shoes is a must.  During the Foam Party, you can wear shoes that LOOK like sandals, but they must have a closed toe front.