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Charlie Buckmaster Eagle Scout #156

Congratulations to Charlie Buckmaster, Troop 125's newest Eagle Scout!  Charlie installed an in-ground irrigation system for the non-profit organization "Raising Rochester".  The system will service a 3200 square foot community garden located at Faith Church on Hamlin Rd.  Charlie's plan required 4 zones, 18 sprinkler heads and a 300 ft line to connect to the church's water source. The trenches were all dug by hand. The project involved 247 man hours and cost $1438.00.  You can learn more about this interesting project at Charlie's Eagle Court of Honor to be scheduled in the new year.

Arya Sunil Eagle Scout #155

Congratulations to Arya Sunil on becoming our troop's newest Eagle Scout!   Arya designed and built six cedar benches for the newly renovated Flint Street Alleyway in downtown Lake Orion.  It creates a nice space for the community and a place to host special events.  Check it out when you're in the area.  The Alleyway is lighted during nighttime hours.  The project cost $408 and required 240 hours of work.  We'll celebrate Arya's accomplishment at his Eagle Court of Honor.

Douglas Wells Eagle Scout #154

Congratulations to Douglas Wells, Troop 125’s newest Eagle Scout! Douglas built and installed 4 large bat houses for Dinosaur Hill. In addition, he researched and designed a large informational sign with interesting facts about bats and their benefit to the community. After it was printed, Douglas installed the new sign near the entrance. His project cost $614 and required 230 hours to complete.  Join us this fall at the  Eagle Court of Honor to celebrate Douglas’s accomplishment. 

Anukul Banerji Eagle Scout #153

Congratulations to Anukul Banerji on becoming our troop's newest Eagle Scout!  Anukul did a three-part project for Hawk Woods Nature Center.  He constructed and installed 7 tree identification signs along the trail, built a bench for resting hikers and updated and posted a trail map sign into the existing kiosk at the trailhead. This project required 111.5 hours to complete. If you are hiking at Hawk Woods, look for Anukul's signs to learn more about the different tree species growing on the property.  We will celebrate Anukul at the fall Eagle Court of Honor.

RJ Beckeman Eagle Scout #152

Congratulations to RJ Beckeman, Troop 125's newest Eagle Scout!  RJ constructed and installed adjustable shelving units in two large storage closets at The Rochester Area Neighborhood House.  The three units are each 5 ft long and 7.5 ft tall. The project required 125 hours to complete and cost $371.  Plan to attend the spring Eagle Court of Honor to celebrate with RJ and learn more about his project. 

Ben Gugel Eagle Scout #151

Congratulations to Ben Gugel, Troop 125's newest Eagle Scout! Ben designed, constructed and installed a wooden information sign at Eugene S Nowicki Park in Rochester Hills.  The sign includes park rules, a map of the park including all trails and information about the park's namesake, Eugene S Nowicki.  The project required 265 hours and $455 to complete.  You can learn more about Ben's work on this project at his Eagle Court of Honor this spring.

Luke Hannenberg Eagle Scout #150

Congratulations to Luke Hannenberg, Troop 125's newest Eagle Scout!  Luke chose to do his project at Hawk Woods Nature Center.  Buckthorn, an invasive tree species, has become more prevalent at Hawk Woods.  Luke identified, then used loppers and a sawzall, to remove Buckthorn from several feet on both sides of a 200 yard trail. He followed up with an appropriate herbicide to inhibit regrowth.  This project required 101 hours to complete.  The troop will celebrate with Luke at his Eagle Court of Honor later this fall.

Tigran Terterian Eagle Scout #149

Congratulations to Tigran Terterian on becoming our troop's 149th Eagle Scout!  Tigran raised $1080 to purchase supplies, gifts and toys for the children of an Armenian orphanage.  It was the same orphanage his great grandmother had spent time in years ago.  Tigran's family then traveled to Armenia and delivered the 78 supply bags to the children.  Additionally, he supplied a substantial number of diapers and wipes to a second Armenian orphanage caring primarily for infants and young children.

Zach Brown Eagle Scout #148

Congratulations to Zach Brown, Troop 125's newest Eagle Scout!  Zach remodeled the serving counter in the dining hall of the Shelby VFW Post. He removed the old covering and replaced it with ceramic tile along the front and side.  He also constructed a drywall and wood enclosure to hide exposed pipes.  This project required 315.5 hours to complete.  The troop will honor Zach at the Spring Eagle Court of Honor.