Eagle Project Can Drive

Hello Troop 125, I am currently working on my Eagle Scout Project and I’m in the fundraising phase. On October 22nd and 29th I’m holding a can drive where I need drivers and scouts to help me out with putting out flyers and returning cans! On the 22nd, flyers will be put out. On the […]

Election Results

Troop 125, After an extremely close election, the new SPL, Scribe, and QMs have been selected. Your new Senior Patrol Leader is: Ryan Damian Your new Quartermasters are : Sid Bhat and Jay Modi Your new Scribes are: Arjun Sunil and Aidan Damian Congratulations to these elected individuals. You have worked hard to get where […]

Summer Camp ETA 12:30 PM

Hello Troop 125, Everyone had an amazing time at summer camp. 136 Merit badges earned and tons of new experiences. ETA for the parking lot is 12:30PM. YIS Ishaan M SPL

T125 Elections!!!

Hello Troop 125, The troop has elections every 6 months to determine the new TOs and the new Patrol Leaders/Assistant Patrol Leaders. Below is form where each SCOUT must vote for a new SPL, 2 Scribes, and 2 Quartermasters. Parents are not allowed to fill out this form. Each person can only use the form […]

This Week in Troop 125

Hello Troop 125, This week we have a PLC at G’s pizza from 6-9pm. $10 at the door for the scouts who are signed up. Patrols need to either begin or continue summer camp prep. This includes name stakes, gadgets, totem pole (materials will be delivered soon), and a game. Our next meeting after the […]

Shakedown Tomorrow!

Troop 125, Tomorrow is our summer camp Shakedown. Arrive to the community house no later than 10:00AM. Pick up will be around 2PM. Lunch will be provided. Uniform is Summer Camp t-shirt Class B. (The orange shirt everyone received at the troop meeting). If this is your first or second summer camp your bag must […]

Troop 125 PLC at G’s Pizza!

Hello Troop 125, On Tuesday, June 14th we have the last PLC of the term and we will be having pizza at G’s Pizza in Lake Orion! This is only available to TROOP OFFICERS. Even though the PLC is at a restaurant, it is still a PLC where there will be planning for summer camp […]

This Week in Troop 125

Hello Troop 125, This week we have a troop meeting and the Summer Camp Shakedown! On Tuesday from 7:30-9PM at the community house we have the patrol box inventory and summer camp prep meeting. As stated at the campout, all the CLEANED patrol boxes must make it to the meeting on Tuesday. As well as […]

Taco Man Falls ETA 2:40PM

Troop 125, The troop had an awesome time at Taco Man Falls this weekend. ETA for the medical building parking lot is 2:40PM. Ishaan M. SPL

This Week in Troop 125

Hello Troop 125, This week is packed! We have an Orienteering meeting, ILST, and a trip to Tahquamenon Falls. On Tuesday from 7:30-9 pm at the community house, we have the orienteering troop meeting. We will be outside for the majority of the meeting so be prepared for the (hot) weather. If you have a […]