BOR reminder

Hello Scouts, Just a quick reminder that for anyone attending the BOR today, it will be at Abiding Presence church at 6:30. Hopefully you have your scoutmaster conferences done already. Make sure to also brush up on your skills to prepare. YIS, Vishal Myneni

BOR on February 13th

Hello Scouts, There will be a BOR on February 13th at the community house at 7 pm for anyone who needs it. As always, make sure you have your scoutmaster conference completed. Email me at if you are interested in a board of review. YIS, Vishal Myneni  

PLC January 9th

Hellos Scouts, Here are the PLC minutes from the January 9th PLC. YIS Vishal Myneni

BOR on December 12th

Hello Scouts, For anyone who has signed up for the upcoming BOR, it will be on Tuesday, December 12th at Abiding Presence Church at 6 pm. Please confirm with me if you can arrive at this time if you have signed up by contacting this email: YIS, Vishal Myneni

BOR on December 5th

Hello Scouts, We will be having a BOR on December 5th for scouts who missed the November BOR. The deadline for signup is November 30th. Before signing up, make sure to have your requirements done as well as your scoutmaster conferences. Also, make sure that you are prepared for the BOR by brushing up on […]

November 8th BOR

Hello Scouts, For anyone who needs to rank up, we will be having another BOR on Wednesday, November 8th at the Community House from 6:30 to 8:30. Make sure to arrive a little bit earlier. Also, make sure to prepare for your BOR and review your requirements beforehand. As always, make sure to have your […]

BOR on September 26th

Hello T125 There will be a BOR officially on September 26th at the troop meeting. If you are interested, make sure to sign up with the Google form link and have your scoutmaster conferences completed beforehand. I would like it if I got all responses by Thursday night. YIS Vishal Myneni